StartUp – A business planning program designed for owners of start-up ventures, or entrepreneurs looking on building the skills and knowledge required for starting and managing a new business, and preparing a business plan to become a sustainable enterprise.

Success – An integrated program for planning and managing for business growth, targeting growth-oriented leaders and management teams. The program encompasses all business functions – strategic management, marketing, operations, human resources and finance, and stages – diagnostic, strategy and plan.

Chain – is an integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM) program targeting growth-oriented enterprises. The program develops the capabilities to design, manage and implement competitive supply chain strategies and solid plans.

eXPASS® Export Training Programs – A series of practical workshops designed to build the knowledge and skills of export-oriented enterprises for successful export planning and the day-to-day management of exporting activities.

eXPASS® EDCP – A comprehensive export capacity building program aimed at increasing the export competitiveness and performance of export-oriented enterprises.   The program includes training and coaching designed to enhance enterprise capabilities to plan for and implement strategies for sustainable exports and to help current and prospective exporters develop their own Export Marketing Plan for their target markets.


3DLeadership Personal Development (3DLPD) – A  comprehensive (3D) program (inside self, inside company, outside company) focusing on developing the potential of active leaders in knowledge, skills and behavior to ensure the best leadership practices  at all levels in an organization, a journey of  inside-out change.